Style Over 50, Jean LeFebvre

I  interviewed Jean LeFebvre of Panache Image Consulting about everything from selecting shoes to hair. Learn how to work with trends when they’re not really you’re style, how to camouflage weight gain in the mid-section, and other great tips from these fun videos. Great style over 50 is not so hard to achieve with Jean’s advice.


Makeup Tips for Women Over 50. Jean says “Less is More” the older we get.  |

Baring my soles. Jean takes a look at the shoes in Susan’s closet and shares tips for selecting the right style.  |

Camouflaging Weight Gain. Tips on drawing attention away from those areas of your body your least proud of.   |

Trends, When They’re Not Your Style.  How to work trends into your wardrobe, plus a bonus tip for a great clothing investment!   |

Hairstyles for Women Over 50.  Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean you have to cut your hair!   |


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