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Women 50+,Claim your word and SHINE!

Published on January 16, 2013 By Susan Tolles

  This year, I have chosen the word SHINE as my “theme.” I have worked diligently over the past three years building Flourish Over 50, becoming a life coach, writing my own personal development program, speaking and allowing myself to grow beyond my past vision for myself. Now, it is MY time to SHINE! As more »

The Essentials of Buying a Wine Refrigerator

Published on July 25, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Considering buying a wine refrigerator, but don’t know where to start? Here are some great guidelines to help narrow down your choices.

Women and the Burden of Self Image

Published on May 30, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Self esteem is a result of years of conditioning, insults never forgotten; how you’ve compared yourself to others whether in the real world or those figures that grace the fashion pages. Most of us view ourselves more negatively than others view us. Here are some invaluable tips to help reshape the way you view yourself.

Retiring in Style, with Barbara Torris

Published on May 16, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Barbara Torris has truly “retired in style.” Here, she discusses how she learned to live a rich life without a career. In doing so, she inadvertently created her dream job: blogging about retired life. Barbara’s reinvention has allowed her to live out her lifelong dreams.

Wine is the New Golf

Published on April 24, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Think of group wine tastings as the new golf outing. It requires no prior experience, is a team sport, and the price is right!

Renee Trudeau: I Am a Social Activist

Published on April 23, 2012 By Susan Tolles

When you get consumed by work, family, parenting and just responding to what shows up in front of you moment to moment, it’s easy to forget how interesting , complex and dynamic we all are. And many polarities exist within each of us.

Jillian Bullock on Having a “Fighting Spirit”

Published on April 16, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Jillian Bullock is FASCINATING. She overcame rape, drugs, homelessness, prostitution and life with the Italian Mafia, all with a “fighting spirit.” Read about that fighting spirit here!

Organize in a Style That’s Uniquely YOU

Published on March 27, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Knowing your predominant learning styles, traits, and inherent challenges can be very liberating. Here are some practical tips for organizing that match your personality and can help you move from chaos to calm.

The Good Patient: How to Make Your Doctor Love You

Published on March 6, 2012 By Susan Tolles

We expect a lot from our doctors, but it’s a two-way street. I asked a few physicians to tell me which behaviors they see in patients that impede their ability to provide the best care. Are you guilty of any of these common complaints?

From Betrayal to Forgiveness

Published on February 21, 2012 By Susan Tolles

What if you woke up one day and could change your habitual emotional response to a situation?

Ingredient of the Month: Sweet Potatoes

Published on February 10, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Discover unique & fun ways to prepare the mighty sweet potato. Hearty and comforting, yet beautiful and delicate in flavor, this root is a true kitchen staple.

Six Ways to Tap Inner Peace

Published on February 8, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Renee Trudeau, award-winning author and life coach, believes that our “inner world” should be as big and fertile as our “outer world.” Work and family lives transform when this begins to happen.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Investment Guidance

Published on January 2, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Avoid paralysis by analysis. I am extremely particular about whom I choose to listen to, and I suggest you do the same. Here are 6 tips to help you find good financial guidance.

5 Infuriating Fibs About Women Over 50

Published on October 26, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Almost five years ago I turned 50. I wasn’t shocked… just unsure of what it all meant. It was time for a quick assessment: When did those post-menopausal pounds get attached to my body? What was it my doctor was telling me about being a tad too close to osteopenia (the first step before osteoporosis)? more »

Can Five Minutes a Day Change Your Life?

Published on October 19, 2011 By Susan Tolles

For your morning practice to have the greatest effect, I’d recommend releasing “shoulds or have tos,” finding a rhythm that you can enjoy, keeping it short, simple and above all– personally meaningful. Really allow yourself to experience what it’s like to be fully present and comfortable sitting in silence.

How to Select the Right Jewelry

Published on September 29, 2011 By Susan Tolles

By considering her scale, shape, coloring, and personality when selecting the jewelry she wears, a woman will look particularly well put together, even causing people to ask if she got a haircut or changed her makeup!

Is it Time for an Emotional Checkup?

Published on September 22, 2011 By Susan Tolles

When we’re overworked and depleted, yes it’s important to remember to exercise, get good sleep and eat nutrient-dense foods. But, just as important as nurturing our physical well-being is the care and feeding of our hearts.

Rita Wilson, Part II: Fate, Faith, and Being Bold

Published on September 8, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Wilson credits her trajectory from ‘The Brady Bunch’ to the London Academy of Dramatic Arts to having good instincts – and taking advantage of opportunities that came her way.

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Published on September 6, 2011 By Susan Tolles

You may have wondered whether you should use a financial advisor to manage your investments for you- or at least some of your portfolio. Give some thought to the following questions to help you arrive at the best decision for you.

Jillian Michaels Interviews Rita Wilson: Part 1

Published on August 31, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Jillian Michaels interviews…. Rita Wilson on Her Career and Her Family __________________________________________________ Rita Wilson is a beloved gem of a woman who has managed a healthy, celebrated marriage for over 20 years in a town that loves to attack happiness. She’s a mom of four beautiful kids who all adore her. She’s a revered producer, more »

Your Jewelry: Flirty, Fashionable, AND Age-Appropriate?

Published on August 22, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Dear Gila Leah, I’m over 50 and feeling flirtier than ever! However, I’m really uncomfortable with the label of “cougar”.  I’ve more than earned my life experience – and don’t want to cheapen it. How do I look classy, not trashy? Is there jewelry that is more appropriate for my age and yet fashionable? Sincerely, more »

Wine Temperatures: Why Ask Why?

Published on August 18, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Why Ask Why? At a recent wine tasting someone asked, “Why is white wine served cold and red wine served at room temperature?” This simple question inspired me to share with you the “Whys” of ideal serving temperatures. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with temperature is actually that whites are often served too cold and reds more »

The 10 Commandments of Turning 50: A Manifesto for All Ages

Published on August 12, 2011 By Susan Tolles

If I only knew then what I know now. I try to avoid thinking that because it reeks of regret. However, I find myself saying it often… mostly to women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Why? Because, as Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s past is prologue” and what we do (or don’t do) in our more »

Secrets to Ordering a Great Bottle of Wine- Every Time!

Published on August 3, 2011 By Susan Tolles

  Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the wine list?  Intimidated by the options, whether there are 20 or 200 to choose from, only to settle on the only thing that sounds familiar to you (you know, the same ol’, same ol’).  Laurie Forster, the Wine Coach, is here to the rescue. With these more »

Three Steps to Financial Savviness

Published on August 1, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Being a Financial Woman is not just about your money. It’s about being smart and savvy with your money so that you live a rich life. This is true whether it relates to earning, growing or giving when it comes to your finances. Let’s look at each of these steps. First, maximize your earnings by more »