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8 Tips to Remain Healthy After 50

Published on April 3, 2014 By Susan Tolles

 Last month, I spoke at women and heart events, plus co-hosting an event for Go Red! at the Allrecipes headquarters in Seattle. At each of these events I talked about replacing diet with lifestyle, and at the allrecipes event I demonstrated one great grain salad. Using the same quantities, we’ll switch up the salad 5 different more »

Ingredient of the Month: Sweet Potatoes

Published on February 10, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Discover unique & fun ways to prepare the mighty sweet potato. Hearty and comforting, yet beautiful and delicate in flavor, this root is a true kitchen staple.

Do Vitamin Supplements Cause Cancer?

Published on January 10, 2012 By Susan Tolles

There recently was a media blast stating that vitamins and minerals may be bad for your health. I have seen similar reporting many times in my 30 years in the nutritional field. Here, I would like to clear up the controversy over supplements, and give my own recommendations.

How to Drastically Reduce your Cancer Risk

Published on October 6, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Eating lots of vegetables lowers the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), according to a recent Mayo Clinic study. After examining the dietary intake of 466 people with NHL and 391 matched controls, researchers found that: A high number of vegetable servings per week decreased cancer risk by 42%. High intake of green leafy vegetables and more »

Calcium Supplements: Dangerous for Women?

Published on September 6, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Calcium supplements can be dangerous for women by causing an imbalance in magnesium, which is vital to proper heart function. How can women avoid potentially serious heart problems?

Boost Your Metabolism with Sleep

Published on August 29, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Being sleep deprived doesn’t only make you feel tired and ineffective – it may make you feel hungry even when you are full and lead to an increase in fat storage. Are you sleep deprived? Do you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? Do you routinely sleep through your alarm? Do more »

The Heat is On: Summer Rashes, Part 1

Published on August 16, 2011 By Susan Tolles

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.  Well, unless it’s 103 degrees outside.  My fellow Texans know what I’m talking about! Summer is high season for dermatologists.  We are really, really busy this time of year.  My patients frequently ask me why that is.  Well, there are many reasons.  Yes, we see a lot of more »

Got water? It is vital to good health in many ways

Published on May 17, 2011 By Susan Tolles

We all know water is good for us, but do we know the reasons why? Water makes up, on average, 60% of our body weight and is crucial to our health. From healthy skin to protecting joints and helping with the size of waistlines, water is necessary for good health!  Read on as Truestar Health  more »

Shake it up to get your body going in the morning

Published on April 27, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Do you grab a muffin or bagel for breakfast as you rush out the front door every morning? Do you skip breakfast in an attempt to cut calories or simply because you do not feel hungry? If so, you are not doing your body a favor. In fact, a recent study published in the American more »

The scoop on protein powders

Published on March 31, 2011 By Susan Tolles

We are entering the time of year that is great for using fresh fruit in a smoothie for breakfast or healthy snack. To rev up the nutrients and make it more satisfying, add a scoop of protein powder for added nutrients. Here is some excellent information to help you decide just what type of protein more »

Flower Power for good health

Published on March 24, 2011 By Susan Tolles

When we think of spring and summer, we think of the warm weather, the lush vegetation, the sunny days and the thousands of colorful flowers throughout the landscape. Did you know some of these pretty flowers may also help you improve your health? Healing flowers Botanical medicine is gaining popularity; herbs have a multitude of more »

Nutrition for women over 50

Published on January 20, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Eating right for our changing metabolism is often a challenge for women over 50. Lucinda Datres, Founder of Dream Lifestyles Coaching, has some great tips on the proper balance of proteins and carbs in our daily meals.

Raw foods for a healthier life after 50

Published on January 14, 2011 By Susan Tolles

When observing the longest living cultures a key factor stands out.  The majority of the foods that these people eat are “raw”.  So why are raw foods healthier for you?  One of the reasons is that the enzymes have not been destroyed.  These enzymes are “alive” in raw foods and are destroyed when food is more »

Top fitness foods for women over 50

Published on January 5, 2011 By Susan Tolles

A focus on “new beginnings” for 2011 brings with is a renewed commitment to nutrition and exercise. Try these foods that deliver the nutrients  needed to build a stronger, healthier body for optimum health after 50. Avocados The cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fat in these green health bombs can help keep your body strong and pain free. more »

Sweet Poison?

Published on July 22, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Simply stated, our food supply has changed along with the changes in our lives brought about by the demands of our fast-paced society. We are depending more and more on processed foods, and with each year, the FDA approves more and more chemicals for use in foods. With each year, the food industry is using more »

Women over 50 and soy

Published on April 27, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Soy products are popping up everywhere in our supermarket—even in skin creams and lotions. Why is the humble soybean receiving so much attention? Soy has many health benefits and can act as a perfect substitute for many of your favorite unhealthy food choices. As milk, veggie burgers and soy cheeses, or as the perfect addition more »

Eat more chocolate–it’s good for you!

Published on February 25, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Events in my life lately have left me searching for comfort food and of course one of which is chocolate. This is a great way to justify to myself and I just wanted to share it so others can indulge with me. The Aztec leader Montezuma introduced chocolate to Cortez that took it home to more »

Herbal cures for hot flashes?

Published on February 4, 2010 By Susan Tolles

I’ve been looking for some good information on using herbal supplements to treat the symptoms of menopause. I finally found two real, honest-to-goodness clinical studies that yielded some pretty good results. Not the “miracle” I was looking for, but definitely good to know. The two studies were conducted by the University of Illinois  and Northwestern more »

Fitness over 50, it’s simple

Published on January 28, 2010 By Susan Tolles

I walked in to Barnes and Noble recently, and the first table I saw was loaded with books on “how to lose weight.” Everybody under the sun has a new and improved plan to get you in to shape quickly, from The South Beach Diet Supercharged to The Diet and Fitness Secret of Hollywood’s A-List more »

Bread Pudding and Wellness

Published on October 11, 2009 By Susan Tolles

Today I had bread pudding after lunch. So, instead of doing what I wanted to do–to curl up with a blanket and enjoy reading on a rainy cool afternoon–I turned on an exercise video and “felt the burn.” Instead of snoozing with the drone of Sunday afternoon football in the background, I listened to a more »