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Learn to Ask For & Receive Help: There’s No Reason to Go It Alone!

Published on August 15, 2011 By Susan Tolles

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn–but one that changed my life profoundly–was the importance of asking for and receiving help. As a career and business strategist, I work every week with mostly mid- to senior-level professionals from around the U.S. on career changes, launching and marketing small businesses and identifying, finding and more »

Caregivers–parenting your parents

Published on February 15, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Parenting our parents is one of the greatest challenges for the over-50 generation. It can mean not only taking care of your family and your career, but also taking care of the physical and emotional needs of an aging parent who becomes more dependent on you every day. It is important to get support when more »

Servant’s heart in the Dominican Republic

Published on February 11, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Well, they’re gone, and I survived. At least I’m getting used to them being gone. (See Faith of a Mom) My daughter and her husband left three weeks ago, and they already have some amazing stories to tell. Not only did they leave for an extended medical mission to the Dominican Republic, they detoured to more »

Staying young through our dreams

Published on January 21, 2010 By Susan Tolles

~Special thoughts from my friend Patty. I have always been a dreamer. I believe that it is in dreaming that we really stay young. Dreaming somehow keeps the hope of a future strangely grounded by moving us forward and engaged in the present. It is the best youth potion I know of. If I am feeling old of “mind”, I need only more »

Faith of a mom

Published on January 18, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Tomorrow I will send my daughter and her husband off to the Dominican Republic for at least a year. She is a new PA (Physician Assistant) and had decided months ago that she wanted to give back in gratitude for all the blessings and skills she has been given. They chose Makarios in the Dominican more »

Little boys grow up to be men.

Published on October 4, 2009 By Susan Tolles

This is a sweet visual reminder of how quickly our little boys grow up to be men. It was not so long ago that my son left his hand prints in a stone along the walkway at the Austin Nature Center. Time flies.