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5 Tips for Personal Spring Cleaning

Published on April 9, 2014 By Susan Tolles

Spring is a time when we want to clear away the clutter for a fresh start. We have been “hibernating” through the winter months, focusing more inward in our own daily lives. Warmer weather, clear blue skies and a greener landscape energizes us to “lighten up” in every area—from our diets to our households—and our more »

8 Tips to Remain Healthy After 50

Published on April 3, 2014 By Susan Tolles

 Last month, I spoke at women and heart events, plus co-hosting an event for Go Red! at the Allrecipes headquarters in Seattle. At each of these events I talked about replacing diet with lifestyle, and at the allrecipes event I demonstrated one great grain salad. Using the same quantities, we’ll switch up the salad 5 different more »

5 Tips for Being a Heart-Healthy Woman Over 50

Published on March 10, 2014 By Susan Tolles

Do you know your “numbers?” Things like your waist/hip ratio and how it ranks in the acceptable range, the amount of fiber you need daily, or your glucose reading? Do you know what to eat to make the most of your calories, especially at breakfast? Click on the link below to listen in as I more »

Eating the Rainbow!

Published on July 24, 2013 By Susan Tolles

Have you had this experience – You get an email that you must eat these super foods only to open it (in case you’re not eating one) and then find out it’s different foods than you’ve been told before that are “the ones”. For instance, a couple of years ago quinoa was on all these lists. Not more »

Time to Detox!

Published on April 25, 2013 By Susan Tolles

There are a couple times of year that are excellent for doing a detox, spring and fall. After our long winter season (longer for those up north) the body is ready to shed a few pounds and a few layers of clothes!  In two articles, I will talk about some powerful ways to detox your more »

Got Belly Fat?

Published on March 18, 2013 By Susan Tolles

One of the biggest complaints of women over 50 is the stubborn belly fat that just won’t go away! I am trying a wheat-free, sugar-free diet now, and Chris McKee shares why this is a great idea! I just finished reading a book called Wheat Belly, Lose the Wheat, Lose the Belly, William Davis M.D.  more »

Essential Oils for Better Health

Published on January 16, 2013 By Susan Tolles

Not long ago, I had a discussion with Stacey Hall, a Certified Aromatherapy Coach.  Stacey shared the following information with me about essential oils, which can be found in ’The Essential Oils Desk Reference’ published by Life Science Publishers (http://www.lifesciencepublishers.com). What is an Essential Oil?  An essential oil is that aromatic liquid that is within more »

Your Holiday calorie counter

Published on November 18, 2012 By Susan Tolles

For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Many of us are looking forward to traditional family dinners complete with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. We are also anticipating–though not as eagerly– those extra pounds that the holidays always seem to add to our bodies. Often, we take a walk more »

Divorced Women: Stop Waiting on Your Weight!

Published on May 16, 2012 By Susan Tolles

“As soon as I lose those extra pounds and fit into my old jeans, I’ll enjoy life again. I’ll finally be able to do the things that I’ve been putting off because of my dissatisfaction with my looks.” Has this ever been you? Don’t miss this article, written for all women of all sizes.

The Good Patient: How to Make Your Doctor Love You

Published on March 6, 2012 By Susan Tolles

We expect a lot from our doctors, but it’s a two-way street. I asked a few physicians to tell me which behaviors they see in patients that impede their ability to provide the best care. Are you guilty of any of these common complaints?

Six Ways to Tap Inner Peace

Published on February 8, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Renee Trudeau, award-winning author and life coach, believes that our “inner world” should be as big and fertile as our “outer world.” Work and family lives transform when this begins to happen.

Menopause and the Double “M”: Mood & Memory

Published on January 23, 2012 By Susan Tolles

Most of us usually think of menopause as hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia fostered by changes in the ovaries and uterus. During perimenopause, a variable time 2 to 10 years or more before the final menstrual period, the ovaries lose their rhythmic pattern of estrogen and progesterone release. It is the time of fluctuating more »

Tips for Fitness Over 50

Published on December 10, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Physical activity should be given the same importance as any significant event, especially for middle aged women. Regardless of what exercise you choose, 20-30 minutes, three times a week should be religiously placed into your schedule. Tips for daily activity: Walk on your lunch hour or coffee break (on fowl weather days, do the mall more »

Balancing Yin & Yang: Do You Push or Pause?

Published on December 10, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Throughout my twenties and most of my thirties, I pushed myself hard. After securing media coverage for a client on the TODAY Show, I barely stopped to breathe before I was pitching their story to National Geographic or lining up a meeting for them with the French Embassy. When it came to generating results, I more »

12 Tips for Healthy Digestion

Published on December 10, 2011 By Susan Tolles

We are entering “holiday” time, which inevitably includes foods that we don’t normally eat. If we have impaired digestion to begin with, these foods can be an additional burden on the body. What does impaired digestion feel like? Belching, bloating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel symptoms are all signs of a problem. It is more »

Menopause Weight Gain is a Big Deal!

Published on October 31, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Perhaps in the past, gaining 20 pounds near menopause was considered strictly a cosmetic problem. It’s not. Sure, everyone would like to look great in a swimsuit, but let’s get real; weight gain has serious negative health consequences, both physical and psychological.  Women over fifty need to pay attention! Top Ten Menopause Weight Gain Myths: more »

How to Drastically Reduce your Cancer Risk

Published on October 6, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Eating lots of vegetables lowers the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), according to a recent Mayo Clinic study. After examining the dietary intake of 466 people with NHL and 391 matched controls, researchers found that: A high number of vegetable servings per week decreased cancer risk by 42%. High intake of green leafy vegetables and more »

Marilu Henner on preserving a timeless smile

Published on October 4, 2011 By Susan Tolles

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Marilu Henner, star of stage and screen, in her “Preserve a Timeless Smile” campaign sponsored by Crest Toothpaste and Procter & Gamble. With her beautiful smile and active lifestyle, Marilu is a perfect role model for all women over 50, as she shows no sign of slowing down more »

Setting Health Goals for Success

Published on September 27, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Goals Should be Measurable. How many by when? It might be an easy to remember that you don’t eat in fast food restaurants anymore, but it’s too vague. Set the goal so that there is a starting and stopping point.

Your #1 Financial Liability? The numbers on the scale.

Published on September 26, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Baby boomers, especially those over the age of 60, are already the sickest and most expensive in terms of medical costs. But, what’s making this even more worrisome is that it’s the fastest growing health issue in the U.S. Therefore, the overall disease burden and economic effects of obesity may be magnified.

Celebrity Diets: Fads or Foolproof Weight Loss?

Published on September 23, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Sure, the Jennifer Lopezes of the world have entire teams of makeup artists, fashion designers, trainers and personal chefs working together to make every snapshot look beautiful, but Hollywood stars are also turning to natural health for their fresh, beautiful looks.

Is it Time for an Emotional Checkup?

Published on September 22, 2011 By Susan Tolles

When we’re overworked and depleted, yes it’s important to remember to exercise, get good sleep and eat nutrient-dense foods. But, just as important as nurturing our physical well-being is the care and feeding of our hearts.

The Heat is On: Summer Rashes, Part II

Published on September 21, 2011 By Susan Tolles

In last month’s article, I discussed some of the common skin rashes we see in the summer.  Here are three more: Tinea Versicolor:  This is a common superficial fungal infection of the skin that is actually caused by a yeast organism called Malassezia.  The infection is more common in warm tropical environments.  It presents as more »

Calcium Supplements: Dangerous for Women?

Published on September 6, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Calcium supplements can be dangerous for women by causing an imbalance in magnesium, which is vital to proper heart function. How can women avoid potentially serious heart problems?

Boost Your Metabolism with Sleep

Published on August 29, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Being sleep deprived doesn’t only make you feel tired and ineffective – it may make you feel hungry even when you are full and lead to an increase in fat storage. Are you sleep deprived? Do you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? Do you routinely sleep through your alarm? Do more »