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Jillian Michaels Interviews Rita Wilson: Part 1

Published on August 31, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Jillian Michaels interviews…. Rita Wilson on Her Career and Her Family __________________________________________________ Rita Wilson is a beloved gem of a woman who has managed a healthy, celebrated marriage for over 20 years in a town that loves to attack happiness. She’s a mom of four beautiful kids who all adore her. She’s a revered producer, more »

Learn to Ask For & Receive Help: There’s No Reason to Go It Alone!

Published on August 15, 2011 By Susan Tolles

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn–but one that changed my life profoundly–was the importance of asking for and receiving help. As a career and business strategist, I work every week with mostly mid- to senior-level professionals from around the U.S. on career changes, launching and marketing small businesses and identifying, finding and more »

Take Control of the Wine List!

Published on July 13, 2011 By Susan Tolles

Imagine this—You are seated at an upscale restaurant with one of your best clients and then handed a wine list thicker than a college textbook.  You want to pick out the “perfect” wine to impress your client but everything looks like it is written in a foreign language.  After only a few minutes the server more »

Dream big

Published on February 9, 2010 By Susan Tolles

Dream big. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months as I’ve been on my journey to rediscovery. It was just a few months ago that I found myself wondering “Now what?” I had reached the point in my life when it was time to reinvent myself–my kids were “out of the nest,” more »

Get out and meet up!

Published on September 30, 2009 By Susan Tolles

I’m sitting at a “meet-up group.” Three weeks ago I would have had no earthly idea what that was, but now I’m here at Whole Foods with a diverse group of people who have one common interest–Wordpress blogs. We have: a realtor, who it blogging “At Home Around Austin” showcasing fun things to do around more »