Moving Toward Retirement with Purpose

rocking chairsAre you close to retirement? If you have had a long career that is winding down, chances are you are looking to the future with mixed emotions. First, there is the anxious anticipation of having more free time to do the things you love to do. Then, there is the fear of the unknown.  How do you manage the transition smoothly?

I had the pleasure of joining two “transition experts” with Lynnis Woods-Mullins on her recent Blog Talk Radio Show “Life Transition Moving Toward Retirement with Passion & Purpose.” Listen to our conversation, and leave your comments below if you are retired, or close to retirement. What are you doing to make this stage fulfilling and fun?



Cathy Severson, is founder of Passport to Purpose, professional and personal development company. Cathy helps individuals find their passion and purpose as they embark on the journey to retirement and beyond.

Susan Tolles, Life Coach, founder of Flourish Over 50 and contributor to Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond Magazine works with women over 50 to help them discover and renew their passion and purpose.

Mary Ellen Cignavoich, author of Healing Words, and contributor to Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond magazine talks about her own transitions in life and how she has attained a life of passion, purpose and power even in the midst of adversity.

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