What is Coaching?


“Life Coaching” is  partnership between  you, the Client, and me as the Coach, where I help the you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, where you want to be in life, and how best to get you there.  Together we create a road map based on your vision of your very best life, with clearly defined goals to get you to your “dream destination” more quickly and with greater ease. Often, there are roadblocks holding you back from making progress in your journey, and I will help you identify and overcome those challenges.

The life coaching partnership is a safe, confidential environment to explore what is truly important to you. We take a look at your gifts, skills and values, and the rich legacy you want to create in the next, best chapter of your life. Unlike mentoring, I don’t give you all the information you need for success.  Instead, I guide you to discover the answers which are already deep within you.  My purpose is to lead you through self-discovery so you can design a meaningful, purpose-filled life that YOU desire.

Coaching is not therapy. A therapist will help you recover from past traumas or emotional disorders, and focuses on helping you regain your emotional and psychological health by exploring the “why” of past events.  A coaching client is ready to take action to answer “What’s next for me?” as she moves forward with high expectations for her future.

My 90-day “VIP Reinvention Journey” will accelerate your transformation in a safe, encouraging environment.

You will folow the same  process that is changing the lives of so many women through the Reinvention Road Trip Program, with my personal guidance every step of the way. We meet in one-hour phone sessions either weekly or bi-weekly, at a time that fits in your busy schedule. Our sessions are laser-focused on helping you vision your ideal life, overcome your limiting beliefs and other roadblocks, and create a detailed plan so you can begin making powerful, positive changes right away. I will customize the program as we go to fit your needs.

As your personal “travel guide,” I will be right with you every step of your new journey, providing the support, encouragement and accountability you need for steady growth. You can share your fears, frustrations and self-doubt with me, and I will help pull you out of your rut, while gently pushing you ahead to a place that is higher than you envision for yourself.

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

POWERFUL, TRANFORMATIVE, SUPPORTIVE,  all words I would use to describe my experience with Susan Tolles. I had wanted help with decisions regarding business, but I received so much more.  Pinpointing my life’s purpose and learning to measure decisions and activities based on that life purpose was an invaluable gift.  I would encourage everyone given the opportunity to work with Susan as she helps guide you in a new way of living. ~Garland Cole

I feel a renewed sense of purpose, with enthusiasm and energy about my future, as I am now free to pursue my own dreams. Thank you for your wise guidance, your firm accountability and your constant encouragement to bring me the clarity and confidence I need in my own reinvention after 50. ~Judy Jackson

Thank you for giving me the framework for being more productive, and for teaching me how to say “No!” Now I can live with more focus on the things I want to do, without feeling guilty about taking care of myself. This has made a huge positive impact on my life. ~Andrea McLendon


Who do I love to work with?

  • Those who are stuck in a rut and want to find focus, clarity and self-fulfillment in life again
  • Those who want a new career but aren’t sure which direction to choose
  • Empty-nesters who need a new “identity” and purpose now that the kids are gone
  • Women who feel their lives are spinning out of control and need help calming the chaos
  • Women who want to leave a rich legacy, and want to leave behind a life with no regrets
  • Those who know what they want, but need a guidance, motivation and a lot of accountability to get there


If you want to live a purposeful life, saying “no” more often to the things that don’t bring you total joy and “yes” to the things that will make your brilliance shine, then I’d love to work with you.

Let’s have a “powerful” half-hour together!

If you want to move forward toward your ideal life with confidence, clarity and ease, and would like to see if we are a “good match,” let’s talk! Click here to apply for a 30-minute Complimentary Clarity Session.  We can visit about your dreams, your challenges, and how I can best support you in your personal reinvention.


I am a Certified Dream Coach®, certified as a Mastermind Group Leader through the Women of Passionate Purpose, and a woman who is just like you, wanting to live with passion and joy in my life after 50. I look forward to working with you so that you, too, can Flourish Over 50!

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