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Remember When? A note to my younger self

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from Guest Author Christa Thompson Dear Christa ~ Remember when? Remember when you weren’t searching… for anything? Days were filled with simple joys ~ one after the other ~ whether skipping rope, laying in the sun, being tickled by the grass, playing pretend, getting lost in a book, touching the rough bark of a tree, more »

Barbara Torris

Retiring in Style, with Barbara Torris

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Barbara Torris has truly “retired in style.” Here, she discusses how she learned to live a rich life without a career. In doing so, she inadvertently created her dream job: blogging about retired life. Barbara’s reinvention has allowed her to live out her lifelong dreams.

Penelope Whiteley

Becoming Me… Finally

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Penelope Whiteley, despite having bipolar disorder, lived a successful, busy, and glamorous life… until she turned 55. After physical, mental, & emotional crises, she has reinvented herself as an author & inspirational coach for midlife women.


Turning 50: What’s the Big Deal?

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Time is short, and at fifty, you face your own time limit. It’s time to find out what really turns you on, what you really want to do with this wild and precious life, as Mary Oliver puts it. Maybe it scares you a little, but you find you have the courage, one baby step at a time, to explore new options, discover new territories, set out on adventures beyond your back yard.

Janet Powers2

What I Know At 50

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Looking back on the lessons, loves, and knowledge gained after 50 years of living. Recently, I turned 50 years old. Many people struggle with this milestone. I wasn’t sure if I would, and today I know I am not struggling with it; I am celebrating it! Here’s what I know NOW that I didn’t know more »


My Life Over 50–a Vivid Novel! Deborah Kandic

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New Years Eve…Feel the Fireworks! It’s New Years Eve. There is expectation and excitement lingering deliciously in the air this afternoon as I glance around the crowd, waiting to board our flight north to regional Queensland. I walked briskly across the tarmac in the afternoon sun with the other passengers, carefully following the painted pathway more »