Camille Gaines

Camille Gaines

Camille’s passion for investing began when she saw her father successfully time the purchase of municipal bonds in the early 1980’s when interest rates on the bonds were as high as 20%, and municipal bonds were selling at deep discounts. Her father’s theory was that “the last thing to go out would be the lights.” He was right. Those same municipal bonds appreciated in value and paid tax free interest up to 20% over the next decade, allowing her father to take an early retirement and enhanced her parent’s lifestyle. Isn’t that what investing wisely is all about? His success came from doing research by reading a few financial publications regularly, looking at the big picture, and not following the crowd.

An early career in energy trading accounting and work as a commercial real estate broker gave Camille a foundation for her quest as a personal investor, which began in the late 1980’s. Over the past twenty years, this quest has included numerous courses and seminars, hundreds of books, and many hands on and hard knocks lessons. What sets Camille apart from many others offering financial education is that she has been on your side of the table as an investor herself, not selling wealth management products or services for firms. This enables her to objectively share what she has learned in a common language that you will relate to and understand.

Camille has had the fortunate opportunity to buy and sell thousands of stocks, stock options, closed and open end mutual funds, hedge funds, oil and gas partnerships, and investment real estate. She had worked with CFP’s, CPA’s, stock and bond brokers and numerous investment advisors and financial professionals. She has studied extensively portfolio management using exchange traded funds and indexes, which can be either outsourced or self managed, and also technical market timing strategies to lessen exposure to major market corrections. She also implements a covered call strategy she has developed over several years to generate income from stock holdings. Camille holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Texas Real Estate Broker’s License.

Three things that you don’t know about Camille are that her hair began turning “silver” when she was 14, she frequently drove a Moped while living in Bermuda for 13 years prior to moving to Austin, and she loves finding value everywhere, from undervalued securities to John Hardy jewelry on Ebay. Most of all, Camille enjoys spending time with her husband of 22 years, their teen sons and their yellow Lab in the Texas Hill country. She serves on the Vestry at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. Camille would love to share what she has learned about investing with you, and guide you to a place of financial empowerment.

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