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Tips for Fitness Over 50

December 10, 2011

Physical activity should be given the same importance as any significant event, especially for middle aged women. Regardless of what exercise you choose, 20-30 minutes, three times a week should be religiously placed into your schedule. Tips for daily activity: Walk on your lunch hour or coffee break (on fowl weather days, do the mall more »

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Foods that Keep Your Spirits Up

October 28, 2011
Grilled Salmon

If you’ve ever wolfed down a pint of ice cream after an argument or munched through a bag of M&Ms on the eve of a major deadline, then you know the soothing power of food.  “Candy, ice cream and other carbohydrates have a profound effect on brain chemistry,” explains Elizabeth Somer, R.D., author of The more »

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Setting Health Goals for Success

September 27, 2011

Goals Should be Measurable. How many by when? It might be an easy to remember that you don’t eat in fast food restaurants anymore, but it’s too vague. Set the goal so that there is a starting and stopping point.

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