Susan TollesHello, and welcome to Flourish Over 50! I am Christian Life Purpose Coach, professional speaker, author, and internationally-recognized blogger for women over 50. My life purpose is to inspire and equip women of all ages to flourish, inside and out, leading them to find greater clarity, purpose and freedom to create the life they desire.

There is a major shift that happens in midlife when women want to find greater meaning in life, not just exist on auto-pilot. So many say they are stuck in a rut with their wheels spinning, going nowhere fast. My role as a Christian Life Purpose Coach is to come alongside each midlife woman as their “navigator,” helping them throw out the heavy baggage that is holding them back, then embracing their unique gifts to reach their God-given potential.

I help women simplify their lives as I teach them how to say “no” to the things that don’t fill them with energy and happiness, easing the stress and overwhelm that comes with trying to be “manager of the universe.”

My blog, here at FlourishOver50.com, provides the resources and tools to make the second half of life the best, focusing on a healthy mind, body and spirit, with insight and encouragement to women who are facing their own midlife transitions, feeling invisible, overwhelmed and unfulfilled.

As a professional speaker, I empower others with the motivation and tools to embrace their gifts and live their purpose to reach their highest potential, as they crush their self-sabotage and live each day with greater focus and purpose.


My Story

As I look back over my life, I realize that everything I have done has been to prepare me for my current role. I have been an accountant, a bank marketing officer, a wedding coordinator, a women’s ministry leader and a school board president. Those diverse experiences in business, marketing, hospitality and leadership have come together to make me blossom as I have reinvented my life after 50.

When my husband and I became empty-nesters I was hit with a hollow feeling and wondered, “What’s next?” My life had been wrapped up in serving others for 25 years as a stay-at-home mom with sporadic part-time jobs, and I had lost my own identity. According to society, I was too old to start over, and it was time for me to find some new hobbies to occupy my time. But I knew otherwise. I still wanted to be productive while doing something fulfilling and fun.  I had too many “good years” left in me and dreaded the thought of retirement.

Enter my self-critic, loud and clear: How would “rich life experiences” look on a resume when competing against younger candidates who had sharper skills and memories? How could a 50-something woman find employment in a world that focuses on young talent while discounting the virtues of aging?

Not to be brought down by fear, I stepped out of my comfort zone and began attending networking events, hoping to meet someone who would hire me. Instead I found myself energized by the women I met and their own stories of reinvention. I began blogging about my midlife experiences, and was surprised to receive reader comments from Washington to North Carolina. Yes, others were searching for the same things as I was, craving relationships and direction in their lives after 50.

My mind was full of ideas, of ways I could connect on a grander scale and positively impact other lives. Dreams turned in to reality, and on February 1, 2010, FlourishOver50.com was launched. In just over three years, the articles and videos on the website have been viewed  by more than 50,000 women every month in over 100 countries .

Since the launch of this site, I have continued to grow personally and professionally. God has me on a journey that I never imagined! He has helped me realize that, for true change, women need to first transform themselves on the inside, learning to love who they are and what they have to offer the world. I have had several “God downloads” that have given me the programs to share with women around the world, including  my VIP Coachng, “The Reinvention Road Trip™,” and “30 Days to Get Out of Your Rut in 10 Minutes a Day™.”  I use the principles from these life-changing systems as I work with clients personally, in groups, and through the online self-study programs.

My faith has kept me going through this journey, and I am so excited to see what God has planned for me next! One thing for sure, I have learned not to limit myself by my own doubts and fears. With Him, all things are possible!

There has never been a better time to be a woman over 50. Our opportunities are limitless, and we are better equipped than ever before to reach for the stars. Rediscover the passions and dreams you once had, and claim the power that is within you to achieve those dreams and much more. You have a purpose in life: Find it, live it, celebrate it. It is never too late!

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About the Logo

The Lotus Flower was chosen as the symbol of Flourish Over 50 because of its beauty and significance across many cultures. The Lotus Flower has long represented health, long life, clarity of heart, strength, good luck and happiness. Some scholars have even talked of the Lotus Flower being a universal representation of the spiritual presence in human lives.

TheLotus Flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind.

Read more about the lotus flower as a symbol of Flourish Over 50 here.


As we embark on a time of new discovery, when we redefine ourselves and seek to reach our greatest potential, let the beauty of the Lotus Flower symbolize our renewal as we flourish over 50!



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